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CARBON MEETS SILICON II: Call for Contributions


Calls for contributions are now open for CARBON MEETS SILICON II, the interdisciplinary exhibition series which partners the biennial Internet Technologies and Applications Conference (ITA).

ITA17 ( is the seventh event in the hugely successful series, held at Wrexham Glyndwr University in North Wales. The conference takes place from 12th to 15th September 2017, bringing together international contributors from academia and industry, and leaders in fields ranging from computing and engineering to art and design.

CARBON MEETS SILICON II will take place in Oriel Sycharth Gallery (, opening, with ITA17, on 12th September 2017, and focus on the well-established discourse of artists and designers in collaboration with scientists and technologists. Alongside the exhibition, a symposium will also take place on 12th September 2017, providing an arena for exhibitors to extend the debate on interdisciplinary practices and collaboration.

For both the exhibition and symposium, we are interested in responses to questions including:

How are innovations in science and technology impacting upon the arts?

How are innovations in the arts impacting upon science and technology?

Who are arts-science collaborations for?

Are arts-science collaborations new?

What can artists and scientists achieve together, which they can’t achieve in isolation?

What problems can arts-science collaborations solve?

What is an arts-science collaboration?

Where does the art end, and the science begin?


We welcome and encourage contributions across a wide range of subject areas, including (but not limited to) fine art, design practice, film, performance, sound and music, cultural and film studies.

Contributors should submit proposals for both artworks / performances and their supporting symposium papers. All proposals should include:

  • Your name (and institution / organisation name if applicable).

  • Contact email address and phone number.

  • The title of your artwork (and supporting symposium paper).

  • A 300 words abstract, outlining your proposal.

  • If applicable, 2 images of your proposed artwork and / or links to any relevant websites or media.

  • N.B. Proposals should be submitted in PDF format, with supporting images in JPG format).

We are looking to select symposium papers of no more than 3000 words in length, and artworks / performances which work together to curate a show with a rich and divergent discussion which explores the outlined themes.  All symposium presentations will be 15-20 minutes in duration, followed by a group of smaller 30 minute discursive workshops offering a focussed discussion on evolving themes. Papers, presentations and conference proceedings will be peer-reviewed and published with EDAS, and an online publication will be specifically designed by Wrexham Glyndwr University’s Research Centre for the Creative Arts, for CARBON MEETS SILICON II.

The deadline for submissions is 14th April 2017.  Acknowledgement of acceptance will be given by 19th May 2017, and final papers are to be submitted by 19th June 2017. Artworks to be delivered to Oriel Sycharth Gallery Wrexham on 4th Sept 2017.

Please submit your proposals to:

N.B: There are no charges for registration and attendance at CARBON MEETS SILICON II (both the exhibition and symposium), but full conference fees will apply for attendance at additional ITA17 presentations.